Top 10 Redhead Costume Ideas For 2013

by admin on August 23, 2013

redhead costume ideasDoes Halloween have you confused and worried over what you are going to wear this year? If you are ready to try something different this year, we have rounded up our choices of the best redhead costume ideas. From Lucy to Wilma, we are going to have you wearing some of the most famous locks ever to grace the small and silver screens!

1. Lucille Ball
One of my absolute favorite redhead costume ideas is Lucy from I Love Lucy fame! This is an incredibly easy and inexpensive costume that you can put together for Halloween or other fun events. If you are looking for the perfect costume I would suggest looking at the classic blue and white polka dot dress. And of course if you are not a natural red head, there is a perfect Lucy inspired wig available.

If you are unsure about how to do your makeup, we have found an excellent Lucile Ball makeup tutorial for you to follow along with below.

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Daphne_Halloween_Costume2. Daphne – One of my all time favorite cartoons was Scooby Doo, and to be quite honest it still is! I always thought Daphne was way underated and needed more screen time. Anyway, my kids told me she has more orange hair than red – but I still had to add her to this list.

Come on what goes with Halloween better than Scooby and the gang?

Not sure how to get the perfect look together of our beautiful mystery solver? Well check out this incredible Daphne makeup tutorial below. You’ll be running to the store to buy a box of Scooby Snacks before you knew what hit you!

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Annie_Halloween_Costume3. Little Orphan Annie – I am not sure if there is more famous of an orphan than Annie, and this is a great Halloween costume. I would say this is absolutely perfect for younger girls, who just want to try something different this year. It may not hurt if they have the ability to churn out showstopping tunes while trick or treating!

The perfect dress up costume for Annie is her trademark red and white dress and of course those famous red curls. Other than that you will need some cute black shoes and white socks to complete the costume. If you happen to have a very rich bald uncle or a shaggy mutt, you can add them into the ensemble for an unforgettable Halloween!

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Jessica_rabbit_Halloween_Costume4. Jessica Rabbit – Here is a costume if you are looking to have a slightly more sexy Halloween. We all know that sex is becoming more and more popular during the season. However, this is a costume you can wear around kids and not be afraid to be arrested for indecent exposure!

Believe it or not this is a very simple and easy Halloween costume to put together! All you will need is an unforgettable red dress, long purple dress gloves, a long red wig and the most comfortable pair of red high heels you have! This is also a rather inexpensive outfit to put together.

While I would not recommend this costume to take your children trick or treating with, it can be quite popular at a Halloween costume party. For an added bit of mystery a sexy mask could make this costume even more unique!

Becoming Jessica Rabbit is not that hard, but we have added a special makeup tutorial to make sure you get it right!

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wilma_flintstone_halloween_costumes5. Wilma Flintstone – WILMA!!! I think we can all remember Fred yelling for his poor wife at some time or another. Despite all of Fred’s schemes they always had a good thing going!

Of course Wilma is a very easy costume to complete. All you will need is her simple white dress. If you don’t have natural red hair, you can use this Wilma wig. Lastly, your costume can not be complete without her trademark bone necklace!

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6. Princess Merida – One of the strongest princesses to come out of Disney has been Princess Merida. She is strong willed and is an excellent role model forprincess_merida_halloween_costume young girls.

This is a great costume for young girls, as all that is needed is a pretty green gown and her stunning red wig. If you want to accessorize you will need a good bow and arrow. While I would recommend this costume for young girls, it can be a perfect outfit for teens and women as well. In fact, you could glam this up and become a sexier Princess Merida.

If you are looking for to style your hair just like Merida, you will want to check out this tutorial below.

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ariel_halloween_costume7. Ariel – Another great redhead costume idea for this Halloween is everyone’s favorite mermaid – Ariel. Ariel has and always will be my favorite Disney princess, and I think she is perfect for Halloween.

Since it is difficult to trick or treat in fins, you will need a simple green dress that shimmers and her stunning long red wig. Since most would be uncomfortable wearing clam shells most of the costumes are just green.

I challenge you not to hum one song from The Little Mermaid, when in this costume! You can complete the look with this easy to follow Ariel makeup tutorial.

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drcrusher_halloween_costume8. Dr. Beverly Crusher – If you don’t have a problem with spandex you might want to take on the role of Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise. Of course we are talking about Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek is more popular than ever and it is O.K. to be a Trekkie once again.

Dr. Crusher wears a striking body hugging blue Starfleet uniform with a communicator and 3 pips on the neck. You could accessorize this uniform with a toy medical tricorder, phaser or even a hypospray. Dr. Crusher had short to long red hair during the series.

Trying to find the perfect look as Beverly Crusher? Here is a video of Dr. Crusher through the years!

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sansa_stark_halloween_costume9. Sansa Stark – Here is a costume that I think would be a huge hit this Halloween season and it is of Sansa Stark, from Game of Thrones. This show is huge right now and shows no signs of slowing down.

While I could not find any official costumes, all it would take is this striking dress and a little work to your hair and makeup. Grab a few friends and join up as your favorite house!

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10. Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow – Are you ready to take on the evil powers of your neighborhood this Halloween? Well that black_widow_halloween_costumemight be taking things to the extreme, but you will look awesome as everyone’s favorite red-headed Avenger.

This is a sexy Halloween costume and can work for many body types.  Right now superheroes are more popular than ever before.

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